Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Officially missing you

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I know I've not been updating my blog for a very long time coz of some reasons. Maybe one day I'll post something up randomly I don't know.. just don't know when that day will come. For now.. Holiday has been alright.. ups and downs as always.. can't really describe much now.

Just a short short short short update.
take care.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!! Happy Valentines Day!!

First of all...

to all my family and friends!!!


I reach home on Friday evening. First time taking bus back home and it was really tiring. Pudu raya was really jam so I walked quite a distance to take Rapid KL back home. I thought by the time I reach home I will fall half dead, but amazingly I was hyper instead, went McD for dinner (as I've been craving for prosperity burger for quite some time), then to Carrefour to get some stuff and a hair cut =)

Saturday morning, I went to church to practice piano for the next day service, fingers are quite stiff coz long time never play d. Got to practice more.. Haha. Then off to shopping in the afternoon and reunion dinner at my parents' hometown--Banting.

Dinner for the night

New day, new morning, started my day in church, where Mrs. Foo shared bout yesterday, today and tomorrow during sermon. It reminded me to forget about the hatred in the past, love God and your neighbours, and not to worry about the future. A good reminder for us all because when we get busy in life, these are the things that we tend to forget.

Now am back at home blogging, feel like i need to study but not in the mood ler.. Wednesday will be going back adi, didn't get to meet my friends and all. aih..

Maybe the next time I come back, will try to meet up yea.

gtg now. bye ^^

Thursday, February 11, 2010


What a long day I had in school yesterday (It's 1am in the morning now).
MAE club was having V-day event, had different booths in the day and movie screening at night.
There were flowers, teddies, puzzles and other things for sale. It was a tiring day but did had some fun too. I don't have the pics for the event but i do have one polaroid photo with some of the committee members.

I know it's blur but I don't have a better camera, so bear with it yea. Haha..

At night during the movie screening, I was outside at the booth, and here came by a man with his wife who were both foreigners. They stopped and looked at our booth. We tried to persuade them to buy flowers from us but they said that they're going to leave Singapore tomorrow so they don't want to buy fresh flowers. We talked for a while and got to know that they were from Isreal. We wanted to give them a stalk of rose but the lady refused. The man then took out $2 from his wallet and asked for 2 flowers. He then gave one flower to Siew Peng and another to me (we're the only girls there that time). We were kinda surprised but happy for that little act of his.

We thanked them and took a photo with them. It's so sweet of them to stop by and talked to us all. They said they will send us the photo we took with them through email, maybe I can show you all after i receive it.

Movie screening--The Notebook

After the movie screening, we had 'lou sang' with the main comms. Just a simple one to appreciate everyone's effort.


Looks real right? Hand-made kam from Pui San

Gift pack from the four MSD president

Malaysia's female basketball team won silver medal in International Games =)


I know it's kinda random, but I do appreciate them very much. They need not to be expensive or great things, it's the heart and effort that matters. Thanks ;)

Going to sleep soon, tomorrow will be busy packing and cleaning, going home soon.
Nights all ^^

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Hey all, I just came back from a long and tiring day.

I went to Sentosa today for the FOC outing. Played a few station games and it just felt like we're back to FOC. Although tired but i did manage to have fun, and putting aside my studies for awhile.

I won't talk much about it first, as yesterday was the MSA chinese new year celebration, so I decided to blog bout both events. I shall make this post a preview for what's coming next. Haha..

I want to rest d. Sorry for the short short post yea.
Nights =)